Precision Gear Cutting and Engineering Solutions, Over 30 Years of Excellence

Established for over 30 years, Grealey Engineering is a leading gear cutting and engineering company based in Birmingham. We specialise in precision engineering solutions, delivering top-quality gears for various industries. With our extensive experience, cutting-edge technology, and skilled team, we offer customised solutions tailored to meet our clients' unique requirements. 
Trust us to gear you up for success with our reliable and precise engineering services. 

Previous Work

Explore our portfolio of precision engineering work and gear cutting expertise. Our team has a proven track record of delivering exceptional solutions in the field of mechanical engineering. From complex gear assemblies to intricate machining projects, we've consistently exceeded expectations. Our commitment to quality and precision is evident in every project we undertake. Take a closer look at our work, and discover how our expertise can elevate your engineering endeavors.

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